War in Israel. Media: US to give missiles to Israel They should be for Ukraine

According to the website, it is about 155mm ammunition from US warehouses in Israel Resources were drawn up to help Ukraine.

In January of this year, the Pentagon announced that it would transfer ammunition from these stockpiles to Ukraine. However, the situation changed after the Hamas attackWhen Israel turned to Washington, the u A ground invasion of the Gaza Strip was prepared due to the “urgent need” for the missiles And a possible fight against Hezbollah if Shiite militias decide to attack Israel from the north.

According to anonymous US administration officials cited by Axios, This decision does not have a direct and immediate impact on the situation of Ukrainian troops.

Officials are also said to have given assurances America can support both countries at the same time.

General Pat Ryder: The US will support Ukraine and Israel

When asked about these reports, Ministry Spokesman General Pat Ryder He said, ‚ÄúThere is no information about it except that we are sure “We can continue to support both Ukraine and Israel with their security needs.”

Ryder announced at the same time The US supplied Israel with 155 mm artillery ammunitionMissiles for air defense system Iron Dome And accurate JDAM aircraft bombs.

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