There will be no TV broadcast. They don’t show Eurovision in this country

Hungarian broadcaster – station MTVA – He confirmed at the end of April that he does not want to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest again.

Let us remind you that this is the last time Hungary Participated in the event in 2019. Later he represented the country Josie PapayaThey finished 12th in the semi-finals and were eliminated from the tournament.

In autumn 2019, Hungary announced that it would not participate in the next edition Eurovision. It was also announced that the match would not be televised across the country from then on.

Hungary withdrew Eurovision, and the unofficial reason for withdrawing from the contest was that the contest was “too homophobic” for the ruling FIDESZ party. Enhancing Endurance and Environments LGBT+ During the concerts, right-wing state officials, led by Victor Orban.

Hungarian television did not officially confirm the reason for the exit from the competition, but it was widely reported in local media and later quoted by “The Guardian”.

At the time, Hungary reacted strongly to this decision Guy Verhofstadt. “Hungary is leaving Eurovision because they say it’s ‘too homophobic’. It’s an attack on the European way of life and we must resist it,” he wrote.

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