Berdyansk, Ukraine: Russian total carrier with warships in port. City Council: Steal grain

A Russian total carrier has entered the port of Berdyansk off the coast of the Azov Sea, according to the city council, cited by the Ukrainianform Agency. According to local government officials, the invaders often preferred to load Ukrainian grain on board. According to witnesses cited by the Ukrainian agency, the entire carrier entered the port in the presence of warships.

Residents of Berdyansk say there are four Russian warships with the ship, according to Ukrinform. “Our city will lose its last grain reserve,” said the Berdyansk city council, citing the Ukrainian agency.

From another occupied southern city Ukraine, Melitopol, Russians send 30 to 50 trucks of grain every day, according to Ukrinform. He says the next harvest will be taken from farmers or bought for US $ 80 per tonne. Melidopol mayor Ivan Fedorov, loyal to the authorities in Kiev, recently noted such a price – below the price – imposed by the Russians.

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Ukraine is one of the largest grain exporters in the world, mainly shipping by sea. On May 30, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Taraz Vysoki said that the invaders had illegally exported nearly 500,000 people from the occupied territories. Tons of grains. Millions of tons of Ukrainian grain could not be shipped through ports on the Black Sea coast because they were being intercepted by Russian ships.

Russian soldier at the port in the occupied Bertiansk PAP / EPA / Sergei Ilnitsky

“Russia is holding the world hostage”

It happened on Friday in Berlin International Food ConferenceRussia has been blamed for creating a food crisis that could affect 345 million worldwide.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that “there is a real risk of many famines in 2022 and 2023 will be even worse.” Guterres added, “We are facing an unprecedented global crisis caused by growing food shortages.”

“No country in the world can escape the social and economic consequences of such a catastrophe,” Guterres told a video conference for participants in a conference dedicated to the food crisis.

The Secretary-General added War in Ukraine Imposed on problems that have been developing for many years: Climate change And related disruptions, imbalances, the Govt-19 epidemic and its economic consequences. He stressed that problems with food availability this year could turn into food shortages next year.

Participants in the international conference dedicated themselves to the food crisis associated with the war in UkraineMIKA SAVOLAINEN / PAP / EPA

Guterres said the crisis would not have been resolved successfully if Ukraine and Russia, which export 29 percent of the world’s wheat, had not found a way to resume regular trade. UN And Turkey’s negotiators are trying to agree on an agreement to help export food by sea from Ukraine, and to “allow unrestricted supply of food and fertilizer from Russia to world markets,” he said.

On the other hand Annalena BarbachSaid the German diplomat “Russia is holding the whole world hostage.”

Beerbock criticized Russia for trying to “blame” it on rising food prices, saying it was fake news. According to him, the Moscow government is solely responsible for Russia’s blockade of ports and attacks on grain depots. The head of German diplomacy also recalled that Russian grain exports were not imposed by Western sanctions.

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The total carrier – according to Ukrainian sources – entered a port in the Sea of ​​Azov.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Sergei Ilnitsky

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