Resident Evil 9 will be released early next year according to the latest leaks

picture: Capcom

It won’t be long until the fans Survival horror series from Capcom He will be able to play the next entry in the franchise. This is if the latest rumors are about the inevitable Resident Evil 9 It must be believed. The new update comes from Dusk Golem, a prominent horror game leaker who previously revealed details about it Silent Hill: The Short Message Before its surprise release.

in string On X (formerly Twitter), Dusk Golem claims this Resident Evil 9 It will be revealed relatively soon for a 2025 release window. “If what I heard earlier is true, [the release] It should be in January,” the leaker writes. Although it has not been confirmed yet, the timeline seems logical given Capcom’s release pace for Repeats Gaming — has remained pretty consistent ever since RE7 in 2017. Since then, the publisher has released four major titles (either new entries or… Remakes) Every two years, the last one is RE4 remake last year. 2018, 2022, and 2024 are the only years where Capcom hasn’t released a major title.

In the thread, Dusk Golem claims this RE9 Development originally began in 2018 around the same time village Went to development. Possibly both titles RE8with village In the end claim the title, while RE9 Remained in development. That means it RE9 It will have the longest development period of any game in the franchise to date. According to Dusk Golem, RE9 It will also have the largest budget spent on any game in the series.. In previous leaks, Dusk Golem claimed this RE9 It would probably be a more open title.

As for the story or other mechanics the game will offer, Dusk Golem says that they will “let Capcom do what they want” and surprise people. If the leaks are to be believed, we’ll likely just need to wait until the summer to see exactly what the leaks are. Resident Evil 9 He has it in store for us.


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