Typhoon Noru is hitting the Philippines. Officials are preparing to face the disaster

According to Philippine officials, the typhoon’s wind speed has increased from 120 to 185 km/h since Saturday. Noru will continue to weaken and hit the coast of the main island of Luzon on Sunday night PhilippinesWind gusts of up to 205 kmph are possible.

The typhoon could cause mudslides in the country’s capital, Manila. Local authorities have been ordered to evacuate residents from the most vulnerable areas, the BBC reported.

Supertajfun Noru – tropicaltidbits.com

In populous Manila and several other cities and provinces, schools and government offices were suspended on Sunday and Monday. The typhoon’s eye could reach about 40-50 km from the capital, making it “almost a direct hit,” Philippine Meteorological Agency chief Vicente Malano was quoted as saying by AP.

Lying in the archipelago, more than 7.6 thousand people. The Philippine Islands are hit by an average of 20 tropical storms and typhoons every year. In December 2021, around 400 people died in the Philippines due to the impact of Typhoon Roy. – reminds the BBC.

Super Typhoon Noru.  Forecast mileageSuper Typhoon Noru. Predicted Mileage – Journal Items

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