People all over the world were guessing who the boy was. Mystery solved

For a long time, there have been many theories about the dark child (Facebook)

When a photo of a child with an incredibly dark complexion appeared on the Internet, it quickly gained a lot of interest among users. The child was called the world's darkest child. However, the author of the photograph was anonymous, so over time people began to doubt its authenticity.


1. The world's darkest child

Baby photography quickly became popular and sparked interest. Few people have seen such dark skin before. Not only was the skin color black, but the child's eyes were largeIt is difficult to see proteins in them.

So it's no surprise to use the internet They started speculating if the photo was real, or it could just be fake. Unfortunately, the author's identity was unknown, which complicated the process.

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Two years later, the social media world began to live on the topic again. But, this time it's a different photo. A large child of about two years was found in it. People quickly They proceeded to combine this shot with the previous photoRefers to the uniformity of the toddler's dark complexion.

A child was playing with a stethoscope in front of the man in white. Difference in skin color – The man's light clothing contrasted so sharply against the baby's dark complexion that many internet users unhesitatingly considered him the world's next darkest child.

"The world's darkest child"

“The Darkest Child in the World” (internet)

2. The puzzle is solved

The quality of both photos leaves much to be desired, and that's why Difficulty identifying the most important details. There was speculation among netizens that the photos could be several years old.

For a long time There are many theories about dark skinned baby. There were even reports that a toddler might arrive from South Africa. However, the identity of the photographer remains a mystery.

Most people began to doubt the authenticity of the photo. Only recently have the actual circumstances under which the photographs were taken come to light. It turned out that There is no real baby in the photos, but a doll Created by American artist Lila Pearson.

America's fact-checking website noticed similarities between the photo of the world's darkest child and the artist's work. Snopes reporters investigated the case. Although the artist's website is currently inactive, she is on Pinterest and Instagram You can find similar looking toys. They are described as “Polymer Clay Sculpture – My Art”.

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