King Charles' funeral plans are reportedly being updated amid his cancer battle

King Charles

Funeral plans are said to be updated…

The cancer battle is going poorly

King Charles He's reportedly not doing well amid his battle with cancer — so much so, in fact, that his aides appear to be regularly dusting off and updating his funeral plans.

the Daily Beast published a story on Thursday saying that His Royal Highness is in poor health as he continues ongoing treatment for his cancer – which remains a mystery at this stage. The only thing the Palace said is that it's not prostate cancer… but it's not specific.

While K.C I saw out and about In the last few months after his diagnosis – he seems healthy and strong – the Beast has reported that it is terrible behind the scenes.

Any reporter? Tom Sykes He says he has heard from the king's friends in recent weeks that it is “not good.” In fact, it looks pretty bad… Buckingham Palace is said to be updating Charles' funeral plans on a regular basis these days.

These plans are written somewhere, in the Beast, and have a code name… Operation Menai Bridge. There is also this… The monster mentions that there is a separate document containing what to do and what not to do Queen Elizabeth IIA funeral has also gone viral recently.

If this is true, it's pretty amazing… especially since Charles continues with his royal duties and puts on a brave face in public. Based on this… it indicates that this is all for show.

An anonymous royal insider was quoted in this report as saying… “Of course he is determined to get over it and they are doing everything they can. Everyone remains optimistic, but he is actually very ill. More than they are letting on.”

Other sources cited by Al-Wahsh in this report indicate that the king was also He was diagnosed with cancer — It goes without saying that this type of arrangement is constantly being considered, which suggests that there is much ado about nothing. Still…it's surprising and eye-opening as well.

Everyone seems to be preparing for the worst, hoping for the best… and working hard to make it happen in the meantime.

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