The Ukrainians shot down a Russian storm trooper. Confession of Russian pilot

The latest information was provided by Yuri Budushov, a well-known Ukrainian military expert and editor-in-chief of

The fallen storm trooper was Major Andrei Fedorchkov of the Russian Air Force from Vladivostok. At trial he admitted to being a mercenary Wagner groupsA private military company and – as Butusov writes – “participates in the killing of Ukrainians for the salary of a mercenary – 205,000 rubles per month (PLN over 16,000)”.

Fedorchukov was also said to have been a target of resistance by the Ukrainian armed forces. Previously, it bombed other Ukrainian cities with Su-25.

“The Major thinks he can be released as part of a prisoner exchange.

In a Sunday post on Facebook, Putsov said soldiers of the 72nd Mechanized Regiment “used outdated Soviets.” Igla ground-to-air missile system“A Russian Su-25 attack plane was shot down near Svitlodorsk in the Donetsk region.

The pilot of a Russian Su-25 fighter jet, which was shot down by Ukrainian troops on Saturday, survived the catapult. He was caught. This was reported in a telegram by the 72nd Independent Mechanized Brigade. The arrested video is also shown.

The soldier was wounded and was given first aid. Earlier, the same Ukrainian unit announced that it had shot down a Russian Su-25 with Igla Manpats in the Donetsk region.

(Sources: Facebook, Telegram)

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