In the Russian media, they are planning a mass murder. They only want to save one man

The shocking speech was hosted by Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Kremlin-controlled RT TV. Simonian is known for his controversial statements about the West – This time it hit America.

In the program Simonyan shared memories of a recent vacation in Sochi. He said many of his friends wonder about Russia’s future. The campaigner, considered an expert in the US – he went there on a scholarship as a student in the 1990s – referenced the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis when another war threatened. The United States feared that the Soviet Union would launch ballistic missiles stationed in communist Cuba.

Simonian’s guests picked up on these words and nodded in agreement with the propagandist. There were words about a “wrecking ball” that they wanted to level America and destroy the citizens of this country.

However, the name of one American is mentioned, whom the propaganda TV does not want to kill – Tucker Carlson, the host of the American TV channel Fox News. Carlson is known for supporting Donald Trump and spreading a lot of false or questionable information. Carlson’s statements often follow the lines of Russian propaganda. In 2022, Carlson was recognized by US market watchdog Media Matters “Misinformation of the Year”.


Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump (July 2022)

Simonian’s guests are forced to make decisions about who to save and who to save. – The West will lose [tę wojnę] Just like losing World War II, the Russian Duma’s Andrei Kartabolov said on air.

The report was spotted by Julia Davis, who runs the Russian Media Monitor, which verifies the message of Russian propaganda.

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