She found a broken window on the plane. “Jaw Flight Attendant Dropped” – o2

A passenger named Mia posted a video of a broken plane window on her TikTok profile. He doesn’t say anything in the video. He only shows what happened to this vision and his reaction, which is a big shock.

Mia was flying Southwest from Tucson to Las Vegas. In another video he added, he explains that he lightly touched the glass with his elbow and it immediately broke.

I immediately called a flight attendant and her jaw dropped, says Mia.

The woman explains that the cabin crew made sure no one was in danger and explained how the plane’s windshield was built.

A traumatic experience

The film shows that the woman does not hide her surprise when she realizes that the glass in the window is broken. Fortunately, neither she nor the other passengers were in danger because every window on the plane was made of two or sometimes three panes.

In this case, only the inner layer was broken, although it was shocking. As compensation for travel stress, the passenger received a $300 voucher from the airline.

Internet users translate

A lot of comments came under the post with the video. “I would cry immediately thinking I would be sucked out the window,” wrote one in a panic. But many calmed down the passengers.

Airplane windows are made of multiple layers of glass or acrylic. It is not part of the window under pressure. This is a piece of cosmetic plastic – we read under the video.

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