Tarczynski will sue Rostowski! It is giving false news

Jan Vincent-Rostovsky, former finance minister of the PO-PSL government, said that Dominik Tarczynski was on the X Platform list “prepared by Czechs with the names of politicians recruited and paid by the Kremlin”. Tarczynski has already announced that he will sue Rostowski for publishing fake news.

The leader of the PiS list for the European Parliament is also on another list – produced by Czechs, containing the names of politicians recruited and paid for by the Kremlin! This year, J. By Kassiaski's decision, Tarczynski replaces Prof. Legutka as head of the PiS club in the EP! Bravo pies, bravery! (contradiction)

– X wrote on stage John Vincent-Rostowski, referring to the practice of Czech counterintelligence. The problem is that he took the reports about MEP TarczyƄski from a very unreliable account on the X Platform, and the post Rostowski was referring to had already been deleted.

“He has no money and will have no money” and will be investigated for spreading the disgusting fake news. This will be a very expensive activity for him, so he will have to find the money

– he insisted on stage X Dominic TarczynskiProbably a reaction to Rostovsky's entry, while PO-PSL refers to the famous statement of the former finance minister of the government.

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