Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. Anthony Blingen and Sergey Lavrov spoke on the phone

Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blingen made the phone call on Tuesday, a spokesman for the State Department for Foreign Affairs confirmed on the afternoon of Polish time. In a statement, Blingen stressed the need for “US commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” After the interview, Lavrov said that the United States “wants to focus on discussing secondary issues when discussing so-called security guarantees.” According to Reuters sources, the US side said the half-hour conversation was “professional and honest”, but it was not a turning point.

US State Department spokesman Nate Price said Tuesday that “Secretary of State Anthony J. Blingen spoke with Russian Secretary of State Sergei Lavrov today.” Said the continuation of the writing US responses to Russian plans About security.

Russia announced the demands in December 2021, which it calls security guarantees, fulfilling it from Western countries. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that NATO does not expand eastward and that NATO forces withdraw from countries in the eastern part of the alliance.

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The Kremlin and the US side announced earlier in the day about the planned talks. It was also reported that a private meeting of US and Russian diplomatic leaders was not planned. Lavrov and Blinken met face-to-face on January 21st Geneva.

Russia’s occupation of Ukraine will have immediate and serious consequences: US Secretary of State

During Tuesday’s talks, the Secretary of State (Blingen) stressed the readiness of the United States and its allies and partners to pursue significant exchanges with Russia on public security. According to the statement, the US diplomat reaffirmed “US commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the right of all nations to define their own foreign policy and alliances.”

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In the conversation, Blinken called on Russia to “immediately mitigate and withdraw its troops and equipment from Ukraine’s borders” and stressed that “further invasion of Ukraine will have rapid and serious consequences.”

Blinken “called on Russia to follow the diplomatic path.”

Anthony Blingen and Sergey Lavrov. Meeting in Geneva. Photo taken on January 21st Martial Dresgini / EPA / BAP

Lavrov: The West is forgetting the basic principle

Sergei Lavrov made the remarks during a conversation with Anthony Bling on Tuesday. In a video released by Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Blinken acknowledged that there was reason to discuss the “security guarantees” issue further.

At the same time, he accused the United States of wanting to focus on discussing small, but important things, as far as these guarantees are concerned. “Western nations are trying to completely forget the basic principle of security secession,” Lavrov said.

The Russian minister said the media reports were allegedly referring to representatives of the Foreign Ministry Moscow responded in writing U.S. proposals for a “security guarantee” are the result of a misunderstanding. Earlier on Tuesday, a similar statement was made by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Khrushchev.

Reuters: Half an hour call and “rather honest” but no progress

Blingen’s conversation with Lavrov lasted about half an hour, was “professional and transparent” but made no progress and “Washington did not notice any signs of a slowdown” anonymously a senior U.S. executive told Reuters anonymously.

According to the agency’s spokesman, “Secretary of State Lavrov has been told that if President Putin does not really plan a war or regime change, it is time to withdraw troops and engage in (…) serious debate that could strengthen the coalition. Security in Europe.”

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Tensions and talks with Russia

Ukraine and Western nations believe that Russia’s deployment of 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border is intended to put pressure on Kiev and its supporting capitals. Military experts and Western governments talk about the real threat of a Russian invasion.

During talks with Russia, Western nations insisted they were ready for security-related talks, but rejected NATO’s resignation from the open door policy. They demanded that Russia ease the situation around Ukraine, and announced higher prices in the form of sanctions against Russia if it invaded the country.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / MARTIAL TREZZINI

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