Tragedy during confession. Priest dies before believers – o2

The tragedy happened just before the start of Mass on Saturday evening, January 29th. Dominican, who was in the confessional, was suddenly attacked by a mentally ill man. The priest was repeatedly stabbed.

Another priest was injured when they tried to stop the catastrophe. Everything happened in the presence of the believers in the temple. Despite prompt help, Fr. Joseph Tran Ngoc Thanh died the same day, Fides News Agency reported.

Local police arrested the attacker. Man has to deal with “mental disorders”. The people of the area are shocked by the horrific attack in which the priest was killed. The play takes place in preparation for the lunar New Year celebration that Vietnam celebrates on February 1st.

We know that the will of God cannot be explored, and we cannot fully understand the ways of the Lord. Only then can we entrust our brother into the hands of the Lord. Father Joseph travels in eternity, and no matter what happens, no one can separate him or us from God’s love. At the moment he was overthrown, Father Joseph stood in the place of Christ and forgave him. To die at this point, there must be a grace, “in the personality of Christ”. Alocio Nguyen Hung Wei, Bishop of the Diocese of Gon Dum, said during the funeral that we see the beauty and nobility of the priest in this agony.

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