Belarusians receive mass summonses to the military. They are afraid that the country will get caught up in the war World News

The portal also writes about several summonses to the military People who were summoned to the army sent them to the teacher’s office. It has been revealed why the summons was not issued Belarusians They will appear Army.

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Chisanoska: There can be no free Belarus without a free Ukraine

Belarusian: I was invited in connection with the mobilization exercises

The portal contacted one of the Żłobin residents who appeared in the army. That person served in the Missile Force seven years ago. – They said that I was called in connection with the mobilization exercise to control the junctions. Immediately after marking Visit They let me home. The same goes for everyone who received Call – He handed over.

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Another person summoned the presenter Military About 120 people gathered in the room of the regional community center and stayed there for two hours, the registry office said. “We just sat there,” he explained. He added that “three teams and one reserve have been formed”. – They said it was fair Training Aims to mobilize personnel to build regional security in the event of a military threat.

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Belarus. Summons will come to work. Belarusian women also get them

Summons were also issued to residents of other areas includingInside. Minsk, Grodno, Mogilev and Vitebsk regions. The portal was able to reach the person called to the army Work. – They did [wezwanie – red.] To work by fax, did not come to the original house, they gave it to the army Office Registration and abduction. The Belarusian reported that there were about ten people like me. When he appeared in office, he explained that the sizes of his clothes and shoes had been checked and that his military specialties had been clarified. “They just told me to finish the interview and go to work. Summonses to the army were also received by women. Nurse Receipts from the Komal area.

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