Russia-Ukraine conflict. US media: Germany suspends arms supplies from Estonia to Ukraine

Journalists from the Wall Street Journal say that Germany did not allow Estonia to export artillery from Germany to Ukraine. These were D-30 howitzers made in the Soviet Union that were first used by the GDR army. At the same time, the German “Der Spiegel” reported that President Olaf Schaals had rejected President Joe Biden’s invitation to discuss the crisis on the Russian – Ukrainian border.

The American daily “The Wall Street Journal” wrote on Friday that “Germany is blocking its NATO ally from providing military support to Ukraine” and refusing to allow Kiev to export arms of German descent. It was referred to as Estonia and, as far as this country is concerned, Berlin refuses to allow third countries to send artillery to Ukraine because, according to Estonian and German officials, the weapons came from Germany.

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Fate of military equipment

According to journalists, Germany does not allow the export of 122-mm D-30 howitzers within a range of approximately 20 km. The equipment was first established in East Germany and sold to Finland in the 1990s and then resold to Estonia in 2009. Because of the agreement, both countries had to agree to further export these weapons, but the German government refused to supply them.

Michael O’Honlen, a military expert at the Washington – based research center Brookings Institution, said: “His coalition is a preliminary test for the new president (Olaf Scholes). Did.

Exercises of Ukrainian reserves near Kiev (photo taken on December 18, 2021)Sergei Tolchenko / EPA / BAP

According to WSJ journalists, Berlin is pursuing a policy of restricting the supply of arms to active conflict zones, despite Germany being one of the world’s largest arms exporters and against third countries such as Egypt and Pakistan. Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach spoke about this during a recent visit to Kiev. – Our level of control is well known and rooted in history – he stressed.

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Dmitry Kuleba, head of Ukraine’s foreign ministry, sought to ease the situation by saying that “dialogue with Germany on this matter will continue.”

Fairbanks on the Russia-Ukraine conflict: Conversation is essential hereTVN24

The supply, which was cut off by Germany, will already be another batch of arms from Estonia to Ukraine. In recent days, the United States has been able to supply Tallinn Javelin anti-tank systems and export Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Latvia and Lithuania. Estonia must also provide cyber security support to the Ukrainian military.

“Der Spiegel”: Scholz rejects Biden’s invitation

On Friday, the German “Der Spiegel” wrote that President Olaf Scholes had rejected President Joe Biden’s invitation to talk about the crisis in Ukraine. The official translation is that the decision of the German Chancellor follows from the completed calendar. It included a visit to Madrid, but – as described – an option to show that he was in the country at the time fighting an epidemic. A German government spokesman declined to comment.

Chancellor Olaf ScholesMARISCAL / PAP / EPA

Russia It has already mobilized 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine. The West has said it will retaliate with severe sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. IN Geneva, Kiev I Wisla Diplomatic talks are underway regarding this conflict.

The situation on the border with Ukraine.  Where are the Russian troops stationed?

The situation on the border with Ukraine. Where are the Russian troops stationed?TVN24, Reuters

The Wall Street Journal, BAP, Reuters, Der Spiegel

Key Photo Source: Sergei Tolchenko / EPA / BAP

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