War in Ukraine. Massacre in Buxa. 150 to 300 bodies in a mass grave

“The bodies are currently being collected by investigators for appropriate research,” Denisova added. Funeral services in the city announced Monday that the bodies of about 330-350 civilians have already been buried in Pusa, northwest of Kiev.

After visiting Buxa, Denisova said Tuesday, in addition to the mass grave at St. Church. Kadirowers also saw the torture chamber organized by Andrzeja Chechen militants.

– The bodies have already been taken away for examination, but there are pools of blood on the walls and floor. Denisova said the room where the militants hurriedly left was littered with empty wine bottles and food scraps taken from residents.

The windows of the buildings are broken and hollow

She estimated that half of the city had been destroyed in the fighting and that it was dangerous to walk home because of the unexploded ordnance there. The windows of the buildings are broken and hollow.

– On the road from Kiev to Pusa and Irbian, dozens of cars caught fire, killing civilians trying to save lives – the spokesman pointed out.

Denisova appealed to the UN Commission on Human Rights Violations during the Russian occupation, and said it would do well to send its representatives to Bucza, Irpien and elsewhere in Kiev to take into account the facts of the war crimes in Ukraine and the OSCE expert panel. Occupied area by Russian troops.

After Russian troops began to withdraw from the northern part of the Kiev region, Ukrainian forces entered the areas they had previously occupied – including Buxa. Posts and photos released later show many bodies left in the streets and mass graves.

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Zhelensky before the United Nations

– Russian troops killed all those who served Ukraine in Ukraine, women who invited their relatives, women who raped women in the presence of children and those who were in cars for fun – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky told the UN on Tuesday. Told the Security Council.

He said Pucha was one of many examples of Russian crime.

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Among the crimes, the President of Ukraine also mentioned crushing people sitting in cars with tanks, raping women in the presence of children and abducting children.

He said similar crimes have been committed elsewhere. Near Chernihiv, Mariupol or Karkiv.

The Russians tried to burn the bodies

In Pucha, near Kiev, Russians tried to burn the bodies of six slain civilians to cover up the crime, the Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday, adding that an investigation into the case had begun.

“During the occupation of the city of Pucha, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in violation of the rules of international humanitarian law, killed civilians and set fire to their bodies to cover up crimes” – reads the publication.

The inquest found traces of unnatural death and torture on the bodies of the victims.

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