Agnieszka Kostira revealed the secret. “They call me Gricha”

Bogdan Rymanovsky In conversation with Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz He recalled a request The third way Before the parliamentary elections, that is Voluntary ZUS. boss PSL Promised to be a “guest of events”, this is still a proposal for his creation, and so far the “first step” has been taken, ie. One month per yearWhen can the government pay the entrepreneurs' contributions?

Asked when he would get the chance again, he replied:- How can PSL get more support? (On Local Government Elections – Edition). We have 32 MPs and if we get a bigger mandate, we will further expand our operations Pro-economic programs – he promised.

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As Kosiniak-Kamysz recalls, changes are also planned Calculating health insurance premiums, which is “very important.” It should be noted that left Opposing the proposed settlement, he replied that he had signed the Treaty of Alliance which included this point.

– I believe Majority in Parliament, which will vote silently. This is Relief to businessmen, Mrs. Grisia, A grocery store owner and has to pay PLN 2,000 every month – he said.

Kociniak-Comis on “Ms. Grisia”: I'll be on the air for a moment

The Deputy Prime Minister “can't imagine” anyone having to “tighten the screws”. A small businessman“Then the host ended the conversation and told the audience it was time “Discussion of the Day” And Polsat News Studios already had “Mrs Agnieszka Kostira“, host of the next show.

And isn't Mrs. Grisia? Yes, Prime Minister, it was in my ear – said the journalist, to which Kosyniak-Kamis replied. – And, teacher, don't you think this issue is very important. But why Mrs. Krizia? I'll be in the air for a moment – he decided.

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Quoted by the Deputy Minister Jacek Crone. – He had such beautiful words: “If we forget … Chrysia, Frank, Eli, All our exchanges, then, are really worthless, all our political activities are meaningless, and if we do not see these individual attitudes and problems, we are not worth being in politics.

Video: Agnieszka Kostira reveals the secret. “They call me Gricha”

Agnieszka Kostira is called… Christina

After Agnieszka Kostira She decided she “had something to say.” – and this I will reveal a secret here And “kitchen” in a sense. Since the beginning of the station, we have had colleagues with whom we have worked for many years. They call me “Christina”.. My name is Agnieszka, but they call me “Gricha” – she laughed.

So, the “Discussion of the Day” host concluded that Kosyniak-Commiss's words were “about her.” – So the Prime Minister has got it – Bogdan Rymanovsky summed up the situation.

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