Nord Stream 2 has always been a geopolitical project

In the German government The Nord Stream 2 case evokes a lot of emotions. Some politicians in the SPD and the Green Party (in the ruling coalition) have differing views on the controversial gas pipeline.

– I consider prompt action in accordance with the principles of the rule of law so that the gas pipeline can operate faster – emphasizes the Prime Minister Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Manuel Schwesig of the SPD. According to him, Germany needs Russian gas badly and should launch NS2 soon.

On the other hand, Green Party Economic Affairs Minister Robert Hebeck is not skeptical about the gas pipeline. – North Stream 2 has always been a geopolitical project, and once it is built, Ukraine will no longer be needed as a transportation nation, politician Der Spiegel told PTI.

The Economic Minister added that the Federal Network Agency has suspended the process for granting permission to start the gas pipeline. – When the (process) resumes, a decision will be made as to whether the conditions for gas pipeline start-up are being met in accordance with German and European law. If they do not meet, no compensation will be paid, Hebeck says.

North Stream 2 Construction

Gas pipe Nort Stream 2, Already built but not yet operational. In the future, it is expected to supply more gas from Russia to Germany. Opponents of the plan, including in Ukraine and the United States, argue that it will make Europe more dependent on Russia.

In late December, Vladimir Putin said that Russia and its partners had reached the goal of creating the NS2, and that it was now determined by Europeans. The Russian president said he was ready to operate the gas pipeline and that Moscow’s partners in Europe would inject extra gas into the pipeline when they make a decision on the matter.

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Putin also argued that the release of Nord Stream 2 would trigger a recession Gas prices In Europe.

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