The CIA director was on a mission in Europe. This is about Nord Stream 2

According to an American newspaper, in the face of the country’s growing tensions in relations with Ukraine, the director of the CIA sought to persuade European leaders to take a more firm stance towards Russia.

The WSJ reports that Burns, the former US ambassador to Russia, forced Berlin to shut down the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At the same time The U.S. Senate, however, decided to reject the bill Nord Stream 2 imposes further restrictions on the gas pipeline.

The serious threat of invasion is increasing

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that a re-invasion of Ukraine would be disastrous for Russia, but that the consequences would be small if a “small test” were to take place. The President also noted that there are differences within NATO on what sanctions should be imposed in different situations of renewed occupation.

In turn, on Tuesday, a meeting of the heads of the Russian and German foreign ministries was held in Moscow. According to the PAP, “constructive talks” lasted longer than planned, with many current issues, including the Ukraine affair. “It is difficult not to understand the deployment of troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border as a threat,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Beiberg said. He expressed his willingness to cooperate in solutions that would “ensure greater security for all countries in the region”.

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