What is Putin planning? Russia has amassed 100,000 troops and weapons in northeast Ukraine

The Telegraph headlined the article that Russia had amassed 100,000 military forces to attack Kharkiv, but further text referred to Kharkiv Oblast and Kubiansk.

“The enemy assembled a very strong group. More than 100,000 men, more than 900 tanks, more than 500 artillery systems and 370 missile systems”

– Serhii Seravaty, spokesman of the Eastern Command of the Ukrainian Army, said.

He said Russia had ordered Russian battalions of ex-prisoners to prepare for battle and was firing more than 500 rounds a day at Ukrainian positions around Kubiansk. The city in Kharkiv province was liberated from Russian occupation last fall.

Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malar assessed that the attack on Kubiansk was likely to distract Ukrainian forces from launching a counter-offensive.

The attack of Russian troops in the direction of Kuba has not been fruitful for the time being, wrote Telegram correspondent Malar. He assured that the fighting continues and the initiative is on the side of the Ukrainian forces.

Source: Telegraph, Niezalezna.pl


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