Russia. Media: Fewer fighter jets at Engels military airport

According to Schema, satellite photos show a decline in the number of combat-capable bombers at Russian airfields. There are six more: Four Tu-95s and two Tu-160s. It is also visible in the photos Semi-detached Tu-95 and Il-76 or Il-78 transport aircraft and Tu-154 passenger aircraft.

In satellite images Since December 6, 2022, about 20 bombers have been sighted.

Also, a satellite from Planet Labs recorded it on January 7 Security barriers appeared along the runway on the east side of the airport. According to military experts They can act as a shield against fragments of potentially explosive charges The schema says

In December 2022 There were two explosions at Engels Airport. According to Russian officials, the second, on December 26, killed three military personnel from the base’s technical staff.

Russia blamed Ukrainian forces for the blasts. Ukrainian officials have not officially acknowledged this, but a spokesman for the country’s Air Force Command, Col. Yuriy Ihnat, said, “Engels exploded at a Russian military airport as a result of aggression against Ukraine“.

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Located approx 800 kilometers from the Ukrainian border air base near the town of Engels The Saratov region in southern Russia has so far been used by Russian troops to attack civilian targets in Ukraine. Tu-95 strategic bombers took off from itIt then launched cruise missiles at Ukraine.

British Ministry of Defence Announced on January 5 The Russians mostly decided to move their fighters Mainly for airports located far from Ukraine. On December 27, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine After the explosions at the Engels base, Russia moved bombers to the Far East.

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