A Delta Air Lines Boeing plane lost an emergency midair skid after takeoff from JFK Airport

A Delta Air Lines plane was forced to return to New York on Friday after an emergency slide off one wing shortly after takeoff.

The Los Angeles-bound Boeing plane landed safely at John F. Kennedy Airport at approximately 8:35 a.m.

Delta Air Lines said Flight 520 declared an emergency after the cabin crew noticed “a signal on the flight deck related to the right wing emergency exit, as well as a non-routine sound from near the right wing.” The Independent.

The airline said the plane was carrying 176 passengers, two pilots and five cabin crew members. The Boeing 767 plane was heading to Los Angeles International Airport.

The FAA said the flight crew “reported vibration.” The federal agency is investigating the incident.

As confirmed by Delta The Independent The Boeing 767-300ER has been removed from service.

“Because nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people, Delta flight crews conducted their extensive training and followed procedures to return to JFK,” the spokesperson said.

“We appreciate their professionalism and our customers’ patience with the delays in their flights.”

This incident is the latest in a series of issues related to Boeing aircraft and increased scrutiny of the company's operations. The FAA is currently investigating issues at the company related to tires, cabin pressure, and various engine-related or mechanical issues.

A whistleblower told a congressional hearing last week that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner was unsafe to operate, after an emergency door “exploded” on an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this year. On Sunday, a Boeing 737 plane was forced to make an emergency landing in South Africa after a tail wheel exploded during takeoff.

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The company's CEO and two other executives announced their resignations at the end of March, while a $355 million loss for the first quarter was announced on Thursday with repairs and safety concerns being prioritized.

The Independent Boeing requested a statement on this latest incident, but the company said it would defer to Delta Air Lines, and only stated that the plane was 33 years old.

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