Cramer lists 5 stocks to consider during “any bout of weakness.”

  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer said he knows August has been a difficult month for the market, but on Thursday listed five stocks that he thinks investors can catch during “any bout of weakness.”
  • Cramer has named American Airlines, Bank of America, Electronic Arts, Ballcorp, and Cummins.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said he knows it’s been a “rough month” for the market, but on Thursday listed five stocks he thinks investors could consider buying during “any bout of weakness.”

“Whenever the market takes a hit, there are almost always buying opportunities,” Cramer said.

“Even if you think we’re looking at more downside once we hear from Fed Chair Jay Powell tomorrow in Jackson Hole, you can use that to buy the best stocks that are falling at lower levels.” He continued, referring to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech on Friday where he is expected to indicate whether interest rates will remain high.

Here are the five stocks Cramer is considering:

  1. American Airlines: Cramer said the carrier, which is now down 13% year-to-date, according to FactSet, had performed well earlier during the spring and early summer. But he said it has since eased off those highs, adding that many airlines are feeling the pinch of recent consumer weakness. Acknowledging these industry-wide concerns, Cramer suggested that investors put money into airlines with “the best international exposure,” including American Airlines, United and Delta.
  2. Bank of America: Bank of America is down more than 10% since Aug. 1, according to FactSet, in part due to concerns about slowing loan growth and new banking regulations, according to Cramer. He added that when the Fed tightens monetary policy, Bank of America gets higher net interest margins, which makes it more profitable. Cramer said he may be concerned about the smaller regional banks, but he is not worried about the big players in the industry such as Bank of America.
  3. Electronic Arts: The video game publisher fell nearly 12% during the August time frame, according to FactSet. Cramer pointed to Electronic Arts’ “scarcity value” since Microsoft made a new takeover bid for Activision Blizzard, another major video game publisher.
  4. Ball Corp: Shares of Ball Corp., a maker of metal packaging for food, beverages and household products, fell just over 10%, according to FactSet. Cramer highlights this company because its competition is limited, and it just announced the sale of its non-core aviation division for $5 billion. He also said that he believes this sale will allow the company to become more focused and streamlined.
  5. Cummins: Engine maker Cummins stock is down more than 11% from Aug. 1, according to FactSet. Cramer said he was recommending the company despite its weak recent quarter because they’ve made “great strides” in hydrogen-powered engines, which he said he believes could be very successful in the future. He also noted that there is a lot of federal money going toward clean energy sources like hydrogen.
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