This is the first time Pope Francis has attended such an event. “Will contribute decisively”

Pope Francis will attend the G7 summit in Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy, June 13-15. According to Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni, “This is the first time a Pope has participated in the group's summit“Representatives from the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany and Japan will also participate.

– I thank the Holy Father with all my heart for accepting Italy's invitation. His presence adds luster to our country and the G7 as a whole – The Italian Prime Minister insisted.

Pope Francis at the G7 Summit. He will talk about artificial intelligence

Meloni also informed the Italian government Would like to appreciate the Holy See's contribution on the topic of artificial intelligenceThe “2020 Roman Appeal for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”, promoted by the Pontifical Council for Life, “leads to the concrete implementation of the concept of algorithmics. Providing protocols for algorithms“.

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– I'm sure The presence of the Pope will make a decisive contribution in defining the disciplinary, ethical and cultural framework. For artificial intelligence, because in this field, now and in the future, our ability, the ability of the international community, will be measured to do what another Pope did on October 2, 1979. Saint John Paul IIAs he recalled in his famous speech at the United Nations, he insisted.

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– Political activity, national and international, comes from man, done by man and for man – quoted the head of the Italian government.

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she added”Artificial intelligence It will be the greatest anthropological challenge of our time“.

– It is a technology that can bring great opportunities, but also carries enormous risks, and inevitably affects the global balance. Our goal is to create governance mechanisms to ensure that artificial intelligence is human-centered and human-controlled, he concluded.

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