Mass shelling of Ukraine. Moldova: Rocket debris found near border

After Russian shelling of Ukraine on Saturday afternoon, border patrols at the Larga checkpoint found remnants of a rocket near the border, the Moldovan Interior Ministry said. In turn, in the city of Dnieper, Ukraine, a Russian rocket hit a barricade, completely destroying it. 10 people died and 64 were injured. The number of victims continues to rise.

As reported in the report, in connection with the shelling of Ukraine, a contingency plan was implemented and the number of patrols along the border with Ukraine was increased. Airspace and green border are also under surveillance.

Emergency services were called to the scene after shell fragments were found. The prosecutor’s office is also investigating.

The Ministry reminds that since the beginning of the war, this is the third time that missile debris from the bombing of Ukraine has fallen on the territory of Moldova.

The last such case happened in early December. At that time, the remains of the projectile reportedly fell in the orchard. Services took care of that.

A massive attack on Ukraine. Block hit the Dnieper

As a result of a Russian missile attack on Ukraine on Saturday afternoon, critical infrastructure facilities in Lviv and Kharkiv regions were damaged. Local authorities warn of potential problems with electricity and water supplies.

Another attack on apartments in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro killed 10 people and wounded at least 64 others. Six children were injured.

“Eternal rest to all those whose lives were taken by Russian terrorism! The world must stop this zloty,” wrote Volodymyr Zelensky on social media.

In addition to removing the debris, rescue operations are underway at the scene of the incident, Zelensky said. “We are fighting for every man, every life,” he promised.

Ukraine’s president also said those responsible for the attacks in his country would be punished. “We will find all those involved in this terrorism. All will bear maximum responsibility,” Zelensky stressed.

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Explosions were also reported in Kiev and Krivi Rih.

A bomb alert is in effect across the country.


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