Alexander Lukashenko's new position. A dictator held hostage by his own regime

Speaking before the “Congress” delegation, the dictator, who has been in office since 1994, declared that he wanted a “dignified” end to his political career. – In a way, I will go to rest only if there is someone who will say, “That's enough” and will not betray me, regardless of obstacles, without fear, regardless. For anything, even his own life – he thundered.

The dictator has yet to name a successor, but for the first time in the history of his rule he has chosen a deputy. Belarusian surgeon Alexander Kosinik, currently the dictator's adviser, formerly head of the Vitebsk region, head of Lukashenko's administration and deputy prime minister, became deputy head of WZL.

Who will succeed Lukashenko?

– Kosinik once brought Natalia Kachanava as deputy prime minister, who is currently the head of the Council of the Republic (the upper house of the parliament – ed.). And Kachanava once brought in KGB general Ihar Syarhyenko (now chairman of the lower house of parliament – ed.) to head Lukashenko's administration. I call them the Vitebsk clan, because they all come from there. Today, they hold the most important positions in the country, and in a crisis situation, these three people will play an important role – says Paweł Łatuszka, a former diplomat and minister of culture in Belarus, now the vice-chairman of the United Media. Cabinet (Government-in-Exile) in residence in Warsaw.

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In 2011, he was personally among those who heard Lukashenko's speech during the “People's Congress” in the Great Hall. On Thursday, the dictator mentioned Latushka and the head of Free Belarus, Sviatlana Chikanuskaya, who is based in Vilnius. – They support the destruction of Belarus […] They are ready to do anything to change the government in Belarus, he thundered. He said regime opponents staying abroad should “forget their property” and “not endanger” their relatives in the country.

– I receive constant threats, relatives of protesters in Belarus are seriously intimidated – says Latushka.

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