Beijing rejected Putin’s request for Xi Jinping to visit Moscow

According to Beijing diplomatic sources, when phone call Between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on June 15, a Russian politician asked him to visit Moscow. Xi Jinping’s visit to internationally isolated Russia will be an important signal to the world and a useful tool for the Russian propaganda machine. However, the Chinese president refused, saying it would be difficult to visit Moscow in the future due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Beijing and Moscow

The two leaders met face-to-face during Putin’s visit to China at the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing and stressed in a joint statement that “cooperation between the two countries has no upper limit.” Since then, the ongoing war in Ukraine seems to have deepened the rift between Russia and China.

According to diplomatic rules, after Putin’s visit to Beijing, it was Xi Jinping’s turn to visit Russia. However, the Chinese leader seems to be trying to stabilize the situation not only within the country and within the party, but also in international politics. In the second half of this year, the Communist Party Congress is scheduled to take place, during which Xi Jinping is likely to be re-elected as general secretary. By refusing Putin’s request, Xi Jinping wants to avoid deepening the conflict with the United States and Europe, which, due to economic sanctions, have increased pressure on Russia.

War in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China has been an important language due to its close relations with Russia on the one hand and the conflict with the United States on the other.

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“From the outside, it may look like a conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said in late April. The real parties to the conflict are Russia and the United StatesThey are represented by NATO. “The EU needs to consider who has the most to gain from this war, who is the battlefield, and who is losing the most from this war,” he argued.

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