Here's what to expect from the Let Loose event.

Apple has scheduled its next product showcase for May 7, a few weeks before the Worldwide Developers Conference. While the company, as usual, is a bit coy about what's on deck, the signs are all there. It has been rumored for months that Apple will refresh its iPad lineup in May. Sure enough, the photo in the ad for the “Let Loose” event includes an illustration of a hand holding an Apple Pencil.

Various reports over recent months have provided some insight into what Apple has up its sleeves. So, with that in mind, here's what to expect from the upcoming iPad event:

Apple iPad Pro (2022)

Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

It's been about 18 months since Apple has updated any of its iPads, so its tablet lineup is due for a refresh. It wouldn't be entirely surprising to see Apple's M3 chipset make it into the latest iPad Pro models, since the latest versions run on the M2 chipset.

Otherwise, the biggest update is expected to come in the form of OLED displays, according to it BloombergMark Gorman. This should bring richer colors and deeper blacks to the iPad Pro.

Since OLED displays are thinner than LCD displays, this would allow Apple to reduce the thickness of the iPad Pro. according to 9to5 MacThe 11-inch iPad Pro will be 0.8mm thinner at 5.1mm, while the 12.9-inch model will be noticeably thinner, with the thickness expected to drop by 1.5mm to 5mm. The leaker has Proposal The bezels can be up to 15 percent thinner than previous models, too.

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Rumors have been circulating for a while that Apple might introduce a glass-backed iPad Pro this year Enable MagSafe charging. while, There were hints Apple will solve one of our biggest iPad problems and move the front camera to the Pro's horizontal edge, as it did with the entry-level iPad in late 2022. This means the camera will be optimally placed for those who use the Magic Keyboard or people who simply prefer the horizontal orientation. .

Apple iPad Air (2022)Apple iPad Air (2022)

Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

As for the iPad Air, which Apple has left stagnant for more than two years, it is expected to get an upgrade to the M2 chipset from the M1 that tablets currently use. There are rumors that Apple will use the older chip in the iPad Air to differentiate it from the Pro models and ensure that the latter devices remain clearly the best tablets. Reports suggest that the iPad Air's front camera is also moving to the natural edge.

There's another big change we expect for the iPad Air, and I mean that literally. Apple is rumored to be preparing its first 12.9-inch iPad Air. It's probably the most affordable option for a larger-screen iPad, though that may go somewhat against the “Air” part of the name.

Display analyst Ross Young previously suggested that the 12.9-inch iPad Air would feature a mini-LED display, but that no longer appears to be happening — at least for now. but, Young says Apple may launch an iPad Air with such a screen later this year. Meanwhile, the new iPad Air models It may have a larger camera bumpMaybe so Apple can add flash.

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The latest Apple Pencil with USB-C charging has fallen to a new lowThe latest Apple Pencil with USB-C charging has fallen to a new low


Gorman I mentioned last year Apple was working on a revamped Magic Keyboard, but only for the iPad Pro. Not the air lineup. The updated keyboard is said to make the iPad Pro look more like a laptop, with a larger trackpad. It's said to be made of aluminum to make it sturdier than previous models, though “the Magic Keyboard's outer casing will retain the casing materials of the current model,” Gorman says.

In addition, Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Pencil to replace the second-generation model. Data scientists have suggested that updated peripherals could do just that Include a squeeze gesture To perform certain actions and Find my support. Some reports She indicated The next Apple Pencil can work with Vision Pro drawing apps, too.

Although the iPad mini in particular has been around quite a while — the latest model arrived in September 2021 — you probably shouldn't expect a new model to appear at the Let Loose event. We don't expect to see a new basic iPad. Reports Suggest An 11th generation iPad and an updated iPad mini may arrive later this year, but maybe don't hold your breath for them.

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