Italy. Tuscany. Italian investigators have been searching for the killer of the young women for years

Milva was born in 1962 in a small Tuscan town nearby Florence. As a teenager, she soon became involved with a young and attractive boy named Enzo. An 18-year-old girl became pregnant. The early fairy tale romance turned into a nightmare. Enzo had a tendency to get into trouble. Sometimes he was involved in petty thefts or fights. Because of this he was sent to jail. A short time later, the prison guard found Enzo dead in his cell. According to the findings of the investigators, the boy committed suicide.

Enzo wasn’t the only man to take Milva’s life. The girl’s father also could not bear the public neglect and neighbors’ stories and decided to commit suicide. It was about his wife Maria. The girl had an affair with Pietro Pacciani. Better known as “The Monster of Florence”. He was an Italian serial killer who killed 16 people. He was arrested in January 1993 and charged with murdering eight young couples between 1968 and 1985. He was sentenced to 14 life terms. As a result of the appeal, the court initially acquitted the man, then changed its mind and ordered a new trial. However, Bassiani did not live to see it, as he died of a heart attack in February 1998.

A boy from Palermo

But back to Milva. Shortly after the death of her boyfriend Enzo, the girl began dating Francesco. The boy came from Palermo And he was a mason who came to Tuscany for better income.

The young couple soon fell in love, and in 1988 they got married. However, the love affair didn’t last long. Francesco was jealous of his wife. The couple often argued and the man sometimes beat Milva. At the end of August 1990, their son Mirko was born. However, the situation in the Sangh did not improve. mother Milvi tried to help save her daughter’s relationship. Failed. The final straw came from events in 1992 and early 1993. It was then that Francesco attacked his wife and threatened her with a knife. The couple separated.


Milva was getting ready to meet Nicola. She cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, dressed Mirko and left the house. As her neighbor testified, it was around 8pm and the couple agreed to meet at the gas station at 9pm, but the woman did not show up.

Meanwhile, Nicola is having trouble getting to the meeting. Accident while driving there. His testimony showed that the car he was driving veered off the road. A couple of passers-by helped the man. Nicola said she was fine but told them to take her to the station. He explained that he had a meeting with his girlfriend.

However, when they got there, they did not meet Milva. Nicola then asked passers-by to take him home. The boy’s father saw his son seriously injured and took him to the hospital. After spending a few hours there, they returned home.

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Mysterious fire

At 4 a.m. on August 20, 1993, the couple were walking home on a rarely used road. At one point they saw it burning Car. It was situated on the slope of a mountain pass. It appeared that the driver lost control of the vehicle and went off the road. The couple approached and saw an empty, bloody can lying next to the vehicle.

Police arrived at the scene. After the fire was extinguished, a young woman and a child were found in the vehicle. Investigators confirmed the bodies were those of Milva Malatesta and her three-year-old son. An autopsy showed the woman was already dead when the fire broke out. Her three-year-old son Mirko suffered from carbon dioxide poisoning. Accident site It is located near the town of Castellina in Chianti. From the same Nicola.


Male He was interrogated for 12 hours. Just before Milva’s car caught fire, police discovered Nicole had taken a can of gasoline from her friend. The man couldn’t determine if the vial found next to Milva’s car was the one he had given to his friend.

During the trial, Nicola told how she traveled from the moment she left home to the moment the accident happened. Inspectors checked several access roads. They found pieces of taillights in one of them. These were from Nicola’s car. A part of the front bumper was also found with them. It comes from Fiat Panda. This is the car Milva owned. It could not be ascertained whether the bumper came from the woman’s car as the front of the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Investigators believe Nicola may have cut into Milva’s path and the collision occurred. However, they are not sure.

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The woman’s ex-husband, Francesco, was also thoroughly vetted. He was interrogated for several hours. He swore he was with his daughter the evening his ex-wife died. This version was given by the man’s mother. Francesco was originally accused of murdering his wife and son, but was later acquitted.

Despite best efforts Policemen It is not known who set the woman’s car on fire.

Another crime

Meanwhile, on the morning of August 9, 1997, one of the residents stopped by a nearby garbage dump. Castellina in Chianti. He wanted to throw away some damaged and torn mattresses. After arriving at the site, he saw a taxi parked near the dump. There was a page number on the door that showed the car came from Siena.

One Man I wondered what a taxi was doing at this time in such a secluded place. He approached the driver’s door, looked through the window, and immediately went home to report his discovery to the police.

In the front seat was the murdered body of 29-year-old Alexandra Vanni. girl He worked for a local taxi company and was a dispatcher. He answered calls from customers and dispatched taxis to specific addresses.

girl She was tall, with thick curly hair and a cheerful disposition. A year before her death, she divorced Stefano, a young mechanic. The young couple came to the conclusion that they were not compatible with each other and parted amicably. He was abroad on holiday when the murder took place.

Meanwhile, Alessandra got her driver’s license a few months before her death and sometimes took out loans Taxi From his uncle to drive it.


Investigators They reconstructed the last day of the girl’s life. Worked at headquarters from 2 pm to 9 pm. After her shift, she decides to borrow a taxi from her uncle, hoping to catch some customers. First, he trained with soldiers from the railway station to the army base. At 23.08 he conducted a lesson with the students. At 11:18 p.m. she stopped at a taxi rank, where she spoke to two friends, and they drove away shortly after. At 11.25pm, Alessandra resets the taximeter and sets the outbound fare. It means someone broke in and asked for a ride out of town.

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Witnesses reported seeing a white taxi close behind Siena. They testified that there were two people in the back seat. Moments later, they see the vehicle again outside the bar. The driver seems to be lost and looking for a way. Moments later, another witness saw a man get out of a white taxi and sit in the front seat. Another man watches as a taxi turns into a field near a landfill.

An autopsy revealed that the girl had been strangled to death. There was no evidence of rape and the wallet was missing from the car.

A few days before Alessandra was murdered, two prostitutes were killed. Investigators are wondering if the crimes are connected. However, they come to the conclusion that the function of the killer is completely different. This means that someone else killed a prostitute and someone else killed Alessandra.

Investigators They also checked on the girl’s boyfriend, but he had an alibi for the evening of her disappearance. During the post-mortem, doctors found traces of epidermis under the girl’s fingernails. This means she was defending herself.

An investigator noticed the taxi abandoned near Nicola’s house. He was interrogated in the Milwa case. However, by the late 1990s, these things were no longer connected.

Meanwhile, Italian investigators Three years Earlier, they decided to go back to both the cases, concluding that the culprit in both cases could be the same person. One of the hypotheses suggested that Nicola may have had contact with them, which investigators agreed with. An investigation into the matter is underway.

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