They bought their dream home. Happiness turned into a nightmare

The story of the house, located 45 km from Manhattan, is so famous that there is even a miniseries on Netflix inspired by the events. The new owners don't anticipate major problems with the new, impressive property. Instead, it should be their dream home in a beautiful area. It seemed perfect for travelers and those raising children.

A dream instead of happiness. All because of a series of terrible letters

In 2014, Broadus purchased 657 Boulevard in Westfield for $1.3 million. They couldn't wait for the renovation to be completed so they could finally live in their dream property. Their initial joy soon turned to terror, which grew with each letter.

Continuation of the material below the video

Derek had just finished painting the walls when he went outside to check his mailbox. The letter contained a white envelope addressed to “New Owner”.. “Dear new neighbor of the house at 657 Boulevard. Welcome to the neighborhood,” it began innocently. After that it became even more terrifying.

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