Belarus accuses Ukraine of provocation. They showed the records

In the channel “Border Committee of Belarus” in Telegram, an entry appeared, in which the Belarusian side Ukraine accuses it of provocation.

There was also an entry in the log. As mentioned, it starts from November 19. “Around 4 p.m., a video camera was recorded at the Slovakian railway border crossing Movement of the armed manMoving from the territory of Ukraine to Belarus.

“The man then crossed the border illegally,” the Belarusian website reported.

Also, the Belarusian Border Committee notes, “While staying in Belarus The Ukrainian soldier was taking photos and recording videos, as well as searching for or installing something in the snow“.

At the same time, in this case “Verification activities“.

Belarusian side of the record He also accused the Ukrainian regional security forces of “low morale”. “It creates provocative situations at the border that will lead to Armed conflict“.

Be mindful of who you want to portray in the video Illegal border crossing By a Ukrainian soldier, there are no clear indications that the visible person is Ukrainian. So it cannot be dismissed as such Belarusian provocation.

From the beginning of the invasion, Minsk was favorable to Moscow regarding the war in Ukraine. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the whole situation changed By the Belarusian campaignIt wants to damage the image of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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