Ukraine, Interview: Diseases and conflicts among Russian troops in Belarus

“Units of the Russian Federation continue to arrive in Belarus, often subject to ‘partial mobilization.’ website. However, huddled together and lived in poor conditions, “usually in field tents, without proper sanitary conditions.“- Points HUR.

According to interview estimates, these conditions spread various diseases, including strep throat and pneumonia, as well as gastrointestinal infections. “So far, the scale of the disease is so great that Belarusian doctors have not been able to cope with them. The occupiers must urgently send military doctors and mobilized doctors from the Russian Federation to Belarus “- HUR reports.

Ukrainian intelligence believes so too Tensions are rising between Russia and the Belarusian military. “Many conflict situations are related to cases of contemptuous attitude of the Russian army towards Belarusians. The military police of Belarus could not stop the illegal behavior of the Russians,” the press release said.

HUR refers to reports prepared by Belarusian authorities based on complaints submitted by subordinate soldiers. They complain about the offensive behavior and statements of the Russians. “The number of cases is growing rapidly, which leads to an uncontrolled increase in tension in Belarus,” assesses Ukrainian services.

The head of HUR, Kyryło Budanov, said a week ago that there are approx. 4.3k Russian Armyand about 80 percent. Among them were conscripts into the Russian army as part of the latest mobilization for war with Ukraine.


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