Hungary. Bad weather forecast. The chiefs of the Meteorological Center have been sacked

A few hours before the scheduled show last Saturday, it was announced as the biggest in Europe. The government decided to postpone the event by a week due to extreme weather warnings.

About 40,000 fireworks were launched into the sky from 240 points along a five-kilometer stretch of the Danube in central Budapest. That was expected Up to 2 million people will watch this show.

However, the weather remained calm that evening in the capital. The storm, predicted by meteorologists, changed direction and hit eastern Hungary, bypassing Budapest. The ombudsman explained on Facebook that the trend of this weather event would be “low”, stressing that uncertainty is part of the forecast.

On Monday, Minister for Innovation and Technology Laszlo Balkowicz The head of OMSZ Kornelia Radics and her deputy Gyula Horvath were dismissed with immediate effect..

As the BBC reports, reactions vary within the country. About 100,000 people previously signed a petition calling for the cancellation of fireworks in light of the war in Ukraine and the need to hold them in Hungary. Austerity policy.

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