Major Kolomozek was disbanded by the Ukrainians. “He died in battle” – o2

Local portal reported on the death of Major Kolomoites. As we read, Commander Nisni came from the Porsky district in the Novgorod region. The Russians led the 61st Private Marine Regiment under the Red Banner of the Russian Federation’s Northern Fleet.

“Died in a heroic fight”

According to the website, Major KoĊ‚omojec “died in a heroic battle”. – Sailors are always in the front line, they are assigned the most difficult tasks – said the commander of the 61st Regiment. He was buried Sunday in the coming war city.

Russian state media rarely report deaths in Ukraine, and information on the number of dead soldiers is often obscured. That is why references to war casualties on the Russian side are often found only in the local media.

The great losses of the Russians

Russian casualties during the invasion of Ukraine are increasing day by day. According to civil servants of the Ukrainian army, 30.1 thousand people died in the front. Russian soldiers. Recall that during the 10 years of intervention in Afghanistan, 15,031 soldiers were killed, according to Russian data.

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