Follow Mets-Padres 1 live as the Mariners, Phillies return to October with a vengeance

The 2022 MLB season advances into a brave new world, the 12-team post-season class that will determine a champion over the next month. And it will be fast. The The new Best of Three Wild Card series begins on Friday It will be determined by Sunday at the latest. The explosion of high stakes baseball pits eight teams against each other – Guardians-Rays, Cardinals-Phillies, Blue Jays-Mariners and Mets-Padres – for the right to advance.

The candidates they will face in the next round are familiar – Los Angeles DodgersAnd the Houston AstrosAnd the Atlanta Braves And the New York Yankees Hold the top seed. But sure enough, some of these competitors have plans to bring down the current global baseball system.

First, they have to get through this weekend. Here’s what Friday’s schedule looks like, and where to watch.

Game 1: Tampa Bay Rays in Cleveland Guardians – 12:07 p.m., ESPN

Game 1: Philadelphia Phyllis in St. Louis Cardinals 2:07 p.m., ABC

Game 1: Seattle Mariners in Toronto Blue Jays – 4:07 p.m., ESPN

Game 1: San Diego Padres in New York Mets – 8:07 p.m., ESPN

[Here’s the full TV schedule for the MLB postseason]

You can follow all the games with live updates and analysis here on Yahoo Sports.

Mariners pounce on the Blue Jays while Luis Castillo plays like an ace

The sailors would welcome themselves back to the post-season, thank you very much. The club that ended a 21-year drought in October came out teetering against its top-ranked hosts, the Blue Jays. led Cal RallyThe two-part Homer, put three runs at the top of the first half, then handed the ball to Luis Castillo.

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It turns out that this is a lot.

Dynamic ace earned from Cincinnati Reds At the height of the commercial lead time, the stellar Blue Jays lineup rocked. He hit five hits, only allowed six hits and felt completely in control. An all-powerful Andres Muñoz has blasted through the last five Finals to give Seattle their first post-season win since Game Three of the 2001 ALCS.

After defeating the Blue Jays Ice Alek ManohSailors will move to Game 2 with a chance to advance to ALDS against the Astros. Saturday’s match will bring Mariners player Robbie Ray against his former club and Kevin Gussmanthe novice signed a nearly identical contract this winter to replace him.

Phillies explode for 6 games in ninth to take down the Cardinals

Entering the ninth inning in St. Louis, it looked as though the first big post-season moment of the rookie Cardinals would be the decisive blow in the first game pitcher duel. By the end, 10 Phillies had been hit, the Cardinals fused, and the player in Year 11 Jean Segura was the hero in for him The first postseason game.

After the writer Phillies Zach Wheeler (6 1/3 innings) and starting Cardinals Jose Quintana (5 1/3 innings) both posted aimless outings, and this turned into the Battle of the Bullpins. The Phillies initially surrendered, allowing the two-footed and injured Homer to pinch apprentice Juan Yepez. But the cardinals gave in full. In an attempt to save a fivefold, St. Louis confidant Ryan Heelsley lost his lead in the ninth. He only got three on the outside, walked twice and got immersed Alec Boom With a wild 101 mph fastball for power in running. When the cardinals pulled him up, apparently worried about an injury to his hand—leaving his last outing with a jammed finger—they brought Andre Balant. The right-handed rookie made some sense, he got a lot of players on the floor and the cardinal was in desperate need of a double play. But it didn’t work.

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Segura solo stabbed through the right side, scoring twice and putting Velez ahead. Then the gates opened. Two more Earths produced more runs and Kyle SchwarberThe sacrifice fly made it 6-2. According to’s Sarah Lange, the Phillies became the first team in post-season history to score more than 6 games in the ninth game or later after going in without goals.

Recently converted to Bullpen, Zach Eflin allowed a run back but locked it out, 6-3.

Finally, the difference to the game – and perhaps ultimately the series – may lie in the extra strand of confidence Wheeler got from manager Rob Thompson. Due to its slender extension, the best cardinal dwellers couldn’t quite make it, and now they’ll have serious bullseye questions heading into Do or Die 2.

Shane Pepper, Jose Ramirez help the Guardians stifle the rays in Game 1

What is a contract? Behind an outdated ace performance from Shane Pepper and Homer’s two-round run from Jose Ramirez, the Guardian put Rays away in a lightning-fast game 1. Bieber went 7 2/3 runs, allowing only one run on Jose Seri’s long ball and writing off eight.

Rays writer Shane McClanahan was as good as Bieber, but allowed for a Ramírez blast that put Cleveland back on top almost immediately after Homer Siri. From there, Bieber shut it down. Cleveland captain Terry Francona has turned untouchable Emmanuel Clase in the last four games. Finally, the game was executed in less than 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Cleveland will enter Game Two on Saturday with a knockout opportunity in the new wild card format. They send young curveball artist Triston Mackenzie up the hill against Rays Tyler Glasno, an ace who recently returned from Tommy John surgery.

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Need to follow the main story events as the post-season begins? I’ve got you covered.

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