The leaders offered multiple choices in the first round to Russell Wilson; Seahawks refused

The leaders believe they are a midfield player who is far from contentious. The Seahawks are not involved in this endeavor.

Washington offered multiple choices for the star in the first round Russell Wilson, but the proposal went nowhere, Ian Rapoport NFL Network Insider reported Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine. Earlier this week, Seattle coach Pete Carroll insisted the team had done it “no intention” From trading the permanent Pro Bowler game.

Leaders intend to get a promotion in the most important position in the sport. Rapoport added that the club had been in contact throughout the league in the hope of striking a deal. Coach Ron Rivera indicated this week that Washington is doing its homework on the current class of free agents and enlistment expectations. But with a roster that holds out the promise of most positions apart from the top spot, the addition of the QB franchise is the best.

“This year we’re very proactive, looking, looking, looking,” Rivera said Tuesday in Indianapolis. “We try to really cover every base…every time you hear something, you check it. And so we have to do our job. We have to do our due diligence.”

Washington, who ranks 11th overall in the draft, is one of several teams who have been open about their desire to bring a fresh start. Early signs are that there won’t be many options available via trade.

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