Firefight between North Korea and South Korea

The South Korean military’s general staff said its navy had fired warning shots to deter a North Korean unit that was about to cross the maritime border between the two countries.

In response – according to the military statement North Korea 10 rocket artillery salvos were fired, which was also a warning to the opposing side, according to the KCNA agency. According to Pyongyang, there was also a violation of North Korean waters by an enemy ship.

As the Associated Press notes, a precisely defined maritime boundary line has already led to several incidents and clashes between the two countries’ navies. In 2010, 50 South Korean sailors were killed in two attacks.

The latest incident only exacerbated what has been going on for weeks Tension in the peninsula. In response to “provocative maneuvers” by US and South Korean troops, Pyongyang has conducted a series of ballistic missile launches. Since September 25, North Korea has launched 15 ballistic missiles and hundreds of artillery shells into the sea.

Seoul and Washington conduct periodic maneuvers designed to be defensive in nature to deter potential aggression from the North.

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