They killed civilians in Buksa – they were disbanded. The victory of the Ukrainian army

“Russia Shows Photo of Disbanded Invaders from Khabarovsk’s 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment. This Invader Regiment Participated in Torture of Ukrainians in Buksa”

– reads the announcement published on the profile of the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The death of Putin’s soldiers should be evidenced by a photo published by the Russians with the inscription “In memory of the fallen.”

In May, we reported that thanks to the work of investigative journalists, we were able to identify 100 Russian soldiers of the 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment who committed crimes in Buksa. Their personal data was published: photos, addresses, social media accounts. The culprits were identified because an army personnel’s phone was found in Buksa, which contained about 13 gigabytes of photos.

During the occupation by the Russians, at least 400 civilians were killed near Kyivska Bucha. The brutal news has prompted world governments to speed up international investigations into war crimes in Ukraine and impose stronger economic sanctions.


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