Bishop Athanasius Schneider to the Poles: Love the Church and pray especially for Francis

We must remain faithful to our Catholic faith and, of course, pray for the Pope so that God will enlighten him and prompt him to revoke and retract this document as soon as possible. This is our duty as good Catholics, he wrote of the Declaration Fiducia supplicants Bishop Athanasius Schneider in his message to the Polish faithful of the Church. We publish the letter in its entirety below.


Jesus Christ be praised!

My dear Polish Catholic brothers and sisters, I would like to send you some words of encouragement, wishing you always to be faithful in the Holy Catholic Faith. There is no doubt that we live in very turbulent times, and this, unfortunately, also applies to the life of the Church. I am particularly concerned about recent events for all people around the world – even non-Catholics – because of this unfortunate document released by the Vatican. Fiducia supplicants. Under it, the pope allows Catholic priests to give certain types of blessings to same-sex couples.

Of course, this is a very serious, very sad problem that causes deep concern and scandal to all people who simply look at these facts. Although the document claims that the doctrine of the Church has not changed, and that there has been no change in the doctrine regarding marriage, family and sexuality, the same document undermines this doctrine and denies it by allowing Catholics to practice it. Priests bless non-homosexuals, but homosexual couples. This is the crux of the matter, because for every person who still uses reason and logic, the name, meaning and gesture of blessing implies a kind of approval – if not in theory, then in practice, because the word “blessing” means “speak well of a given person. Truth.

Of course, the document and some of the clergy and bishops behind it try to justify these gestures by saying that we are not blessing the union, but a few. It is a play on words that cannot convince anyone. Such interpretations contradict basic logic and we cannot allow ourselves to be fooled by such verbal games. It is unworthy of a Church document, unworthy of bishops and cardinals to deceive people and deceive the whole world by saying that “the Church has not changed its doctrine, but a priest can give such a blessing.” situation.”

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Another trick, lie and fraud is that it is not a liturgical blessing, but not a liturgical blessing, only an arbitrary blessing. You can call it what you want, but it's a blessing, and that's why we must never accept such deception, lies, undermining the truth of the Catholic faith that God reveals, that homosexuality is inherently wrong in all circumstances, and that homosexual couples or homosexual relationships constitute a serious corruption in themselves. ; The truth conveys the message that being in a homosexual relationship is contrary to God's creative commandment and therefore a great evil.

Even if someone pretends that such same-sex couples are not homosexual, it pulls the wool over people's eyes and no one will believe it. Also, it creates public corruption, a public message against the truth of God and the order of creation. Both these persons exhibit a direct and constant possibility of grave sin, and this very fact is a sin and cannot be recognized or blessed in any way, vaguely or implicitly. This position carries the message to the world that the Catholic Church accepts same-sex couples in some sense – in practice, if not in theory -. This document and the practice of so-called spontaneous or episcopal blessings, which are already practiced in many places around the world, the Catholic Church In practice Becomes a kind of propagandist of universal ideology Gender, which is anti-Christian and anti-human dignity. Therefore, we must tell our priests and bishops that this document cannot be accepted. We must be faithful to our Catholic faith and, of course, pray for the Pope so that God will enlighten him and quickly revoke and withdraw this document – it is our duty as good Catholics. It will be a sign of true love for the Pope and the Holy See.

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So in this context, my dear brothers and sisters, do not be deceived by anyone. In his letter to the Galatians, Saint Paul tells us that even if an angel comes from heaven and preaches another gospel to you, do not believe it. Likewise, when documents come from Rome that clearly undermine—at least undermine—the gospel, we do not accept it as St. Paul, but the Church is immortal. The enemy cannot defeat the church because the church belongs to God. Peter's papal authority, the Holy See, was established by Christ and cannot be defeated by enemies.

Unfortunately, in our time, the enemies have penetrated very deeply into the offices and highest positions of the Holy Disciple, but they cannot destroy it, because it was established by God, sometimes allowing temporary confusion and distraction. See Peter. It has happened many times in the history of the Church, maybe not often, but God intervened and gave us again a strong, good, holy Pope, so it will definitely happen again, so don't lose heart, don't look for your own ways or try to establish your own church or any denomination, completely independent. Don't pick and choose your own priest who is available. This is unacceptable. A Catholic priest cannot be autonomous and independent, which is contrary to the principles of Catholicism. A Catholic priest cannot become a priest or head of a sect. This also applies to the traditional Holy Mass. Such behavior is against the nature and faith of the Catholic Church.

Even if you are persecuted, when you are denied, for example, the traditional Latin Mass. True Catholic faith, then look for good bishops who will accept you, even if they are retired bishops. However, these must be bishops of impeccable reputation; Who will bless such a priest, a priest must show patience and faithfulness in an unusual situation. He must report to the bishop, whose position in the Catholic Church is unquestionable and cannot be entirely independent. Therefore, I encourage you to submit this suffering to God, because it is suffering to live in such troubled times, but God in His wisdom has ordained that you live in such times so that you may gain many merits for eternal life. Your faith will be refined like gold.

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Love the Church steadfastly and always pray for Pope Francis. Make offerings every day for his conversion, so that God may enlighten Pope Francis, give his light, so that the Pope may return to the proper task that Christ entrusted to him, that is, to strengthen all the faithful and bishops with all clarity. In the Holy Catholic Faith. And all the Catholics in the world will besiege heaven together, begging God to change Pope Francis, to give him the light of God, so that he can repent of the confusion he has introduced into the Church; Then a miracle will happen and we will all thank God for it. Make penance, penance, and expiation for all sins in the Church against the Catholic faith; Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and even the Holy Season commit sins during this time.

This would be true Catholic behavior, so let us pray to God to understand the mission of Pope Francis and strengthen the Catholic faith to the fullest. Clarity. Even now, with humility and hope, we begin to pray every day that God will grant us the era of many holy Popes, and I repeat every day: “I believe in a Catholic Apostolic Faith.” I offer you my blessings for this work.

And Benedictio Dei Omnipotentis, Patris, and Phili, and Spiritus Sancti, Super Vos, and Manate Semper. Amen.

Jesus Christ be praised!

+ Athanasius Schneider, Vice-Bishop of the Archdiocese of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Astana

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