NATO decision on Ukraine. “Partnership Takes Integration”

I hope the Ministers will accept the plan to implement it NATO will take over coordinating support for Ukraine – said Jens Stoltenberg. There should be Stoltenberg’s report An attempt to protect the arms supply system to Ukraine in the face of possible Donald Trump wins In the November US elections, according to Reuters. Meetings of the NATO-Ukraine Council and the Liaison Committee on Ukraine’s Defense will also be held in Brussels on Thursday.

The coalition parties are taking decisive actionConduct of arrests and court cases Against hostile actions in NATO territoryThese activities Vandalism, violence, cyber attacks and misinformation– Stoltenberg added. “Russia’s actions will not stop us from supporting Ukraine,” he said.

In the face of increasingly hostile voices, Fr The possible use of nuclear weapons, NATO Secretary General declared The Alliance is revising its arsenal To the changing security situation in the world. He further informed that significant progress has been made in this regard.

NATO is gearing up ahead of the US election

US presidential election will take place November 5 this year. For now, polls and projections show Biden with a slight advantage. The incumbent president of the United States has a slightly higher chance of winning the November presidential election than his opponent Donald Trump – According to the opening forecast of the famous Five Thirty Eight Center. A model constructed by analysts gives Biden 53 percent. The polls are slightly in Trump’s favor, but the chances of victory.

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FiveThirtyEight’s statistical model indicates a rise Uncertainty and equal opportunities for both candidates, even if it gives Biden a small advantage due to “fundamental” factors, such as the state of the economy or the benefits an incumbent president usually enjoys. Biden won 53 out of 100 simulations run Trump – at 47. At the same time, 132 to 445 (out of 538) electoral votes for Biden are considered “realistic,” meaning that both his defeat and a decisive victory in the Electoral College vote are possible.

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