Vladimir Putin. Fiona Hill, an adviser to Donald Trump, recalled dinner with the Russian president. “He smelled strange. He did not eat or drink.”

Fiona Hill, Donald Trump’s Russian adviser, sat next to Vladimir Putin at dinner several years ago. He told the BBC about his appearance, unusual behavior and specific smell. “It will be very different,” the journalist warned.

Desert Island Discs, starring Fiona Hill, premiered on May 8 on the BBC Sounds streaming site. Dinner was suspended during Hill’s tenure as intelligence officer in the U.S. government in 2006-2009.

Putin sat so close during the meal that she could touch him, and – as she says – “look at the pulsating nerve in his left temple.” He had a very expensive watch on his wrist, but other than that, Hill noted that he “could actually use glasses”. Thus, he commented on the cards he uses. The inscriptions on them are so large that she can read them easily. “He had hints about who, what to say, things like that,” he says.

Putin, an adviser to the former US president, said he had not eaten or drunk anything throughout his diet. “He had complete control over the image he was creating,” he said. – I thought, “Wow, look

Hill’s attention was also drawn to the strange smell of the Russian leader. – It looks very different, but it smells like fresh laundry. Not cologne, but like he came out after some special product bath – she said in the air. When asked if he had not spoken to Putin, he denied that he had “talked much” and “never looked at her.”

Fiona HillHeinrich Ball Stiftung | Wikipedia (CC BY SA 2.0)

Who is Fiona Hill

Known as a member of the Trump administration and his adviser on issues related to Russia, Dr. Fiona Hill was also the director of Europe and Russia at the US National Security Council. He is the author of books on the Soviet Union and Russia, as well as books on President Vladimir Putin. Recently, he spoke several times about Putin and Trump, the latter presidency weakening the United States in Russia’s view, which has made its leader politically courageous. According to Hill, Trump was jealous of Putin managing his country “as he wished”, but in many ways was just like him.

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Main photo source: kremlin.ru

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