Belarus, campaign. The Latvian flees and seeks asylum

The girl gave an interview as part of Belda channel on YouTube. She admitted it “In Latvia she is persecuted for her truth”.

That’s why I was forced to run away and find a new life. I chose Belarus. The highlight is the videos I recorded on TikTok. I talked about the demolition of monuments in my country. It hurt me so much. I expressed my opinion then that every man guesses… I am ashamed to be a citizen of Latvia. I’ll say it again – since the day the monuments were demolished, this has been a stain on me, said Yuda-Sofia Vasilievskaya.

He added, “Just giving my opinion”. – I reminded about a painful topic for Latvians – regional integration, about Latgale (one of the four historical lands that make up modern Latvia. It is located in the eastern part of the country – ed.). I reminded all those who had turned against me—literally— Part of Vitebsk Governorate (After the first partition, Latgale became part of Russia – ed.). We must think how to restore this order she insisted.

In Interview with a campaign agency Vasilievskaya added Accused of encouraging illegal voting. “They are afraid of an outcome like Donbas, people will want to secede,” he continued.

– Complaints about me went to the special services that came to my house and scared my relatives. They quietly started digging a hole under me. I deeply respect and support Vladimir Putin and Aliaksandr Lukashenko. They do their job perfectly, he said.

Vasilievskaya data should hit the Internet. – I understand that this was done by Latvian nationalist activists who wanted to destroy me. It is illegal in Europe. I asked the police what to do. In Europe, they don’t want to get involved. They have orders from above to support everything Ukrainian. I realized that I had no future in the countries. Taxes paid in Germany, Austria or Italy are not for the benefit of the country and the people, but for the pockets of Zelensky and his allies.. The Latvian concluded that it would be better to live where this money is invested in clean streets and prosperity.

August 22 began in Latvia Demolition of “Monument to Soldiers of the Soviet Army – Those Who Liberated Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German-Fascist Occupiers”It was in Riga. Some Russian-speaking people in Latvia opposed the removal of the monument. It was this event that Yuta-Sophia mentioned in an interview.

The dialogue with Vasilievskaya fits the line Belarusian campaign. For example, let us recall the story of the late Emil Chekhov. This is A Polish soldier who left for Belarus last December. According to information from the Belarusian side, he was detained near Tuszemla in the Grodno region and later sought political asylum in Belarus.

The man served in the 11th Masurian Artillery Regiment which was part of the 16th Pomeranian Mechanized Division.

In Belarus, Czeczko appeared publicly, including in Belarusian state media, accusing Polish authorities of crimes against illegal immigrants. He said, among other things, that “he was forced to kill people” while serving on the border. In Poland Czeczko was accused of leaving. According to the Ministry of National Security, he had previous problems with the law – he used violence against his own mother.

He was found hanged on March 17 in an apartment in Minsk. The circumstances of the death are being investigated by the investigative committee of Belarus. It is worth noting that all possible versions are considered, including the involvement of third parties.

Belarusian authorities Brutally and forcefully suppressed the 2020 mass protests against the rigged presidential elections. Belarusian dissidents are also suppressed. Journalist and activist of the Union of Poles in Belarus (ZPB). Andrew Poxopat Still in Belarusian custody, A Minsk authorities put him on the list of “terrorists”.. The president of ZPB is Angela BorisA year later – in March 2022 – he was released from custody, but he is still under criminal proceedings.

Local authorities blame activists of the Polish minority in Belarus “Incitement to Hate”.

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