Andrei Kurulov ET: Where did the 1.5 million sets for the players go?

Vladimir Putin ordered Partial mobilization It’s not good. Many Russians took to the streets to protest the order, and fled the country en masse. However, those who went ahead shared with public records showing what equipment they were given to fight.

Pictures circulated in the media Rusty gunsas well as reports Shortage of basic commodities. According to the reports of those who gathered themselves, they had to buy the sets themselves, and in theory they should receive them during the work. Basic uniforms, first aid kits, boots and helmets were missing.

One of the leading heralds of Russia’s great victory – a deputy of the State Duma and a retired general – decided to respond to reports from the front. Andrei Kurulov. “We need answers to key questions,” he begins his Telegram entry.

It is still not clear to me where the one and a half million kits for the soldiers went (First-aid kits, uniforms and other basic equipment for conscripts – ed.), which were stored at reception points of employees “- he thundered.

“One has to approach this matter differently,” Kurulov continues. In his entry, he critically assesses the trend of mobilization and the accompanying information confusion.

Kurulov had previously spoken of the Russian retreat at Lyman. “He cannot explain this surrender from a military point of view,” he said in an interview with the pro-Kremlin channel, quoted by CNN. – I don’t know why the commanders did not assess the situation at the front in time and strengthen the group – he added.

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