500 dead horses in Australia The criminals tried to cover up the matter

The discovery was made in a dry stream bed On the premises of one of the estates located at Wagga Wagga, about 460 km west of Sydney.

Australia. 500 dead horses in a dry stream

Authorities received the first disturbing signals two months ago – Write local media quoting City Council President Peter Thompson. A month later investigators visited the site.

“I think it's very difficult to see 500 [końskich zwłok]”- said Thompson, who was at the scene.

There were 200 pieces in a stackThen we evaluated other piles at different locations throughout the property,” Thompson said.

The official points out Unknown criminals tried to cover up this atrocity.

The criminals tried to cover up their actions

Someone tried to cover the horses with dirt (…) in the days leading up to our arrival,” notes Thompson.

It's unclear how long the process took, as the extent of the decay varies. “Some horses have only skeletons Others appear to have been killed relatively recently“- we read in the report of the city council.

ABC reports from the New South Wales State Food Authority The place may have been an illegal slaughterhouseHorses were slaughtered for animal feed.

The police and other state government agencies have started collecting evidence of possible crimes.

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