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On April 4, 2023, Finland officially became NATO’s 31st member. This is a very important event for this country, because Finland shares a 1,300 kilometer long border with Russia. Finland has long sought to remain neutral, but after Putin invaded Ukraine, the country made efforts to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, along with Sweden.

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto told the New York Times in an interview how he sees the current situation in Ukraine. – Russia’s war against Ukraine will last a long time, and Europeans should not underestimate the risk of its expansion, Finland’s president said. He described Russian aggression against its neighbors as a “warning bell” for Europe.

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Despite the ongoing war in the east and south of Ukraine, in recent months and even years, there have been many incidents of escalation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The discovery of the remains of a Russian drone in NATO member Romania is one of the latest. Earlier, fragments of Russian rockets were found on Polish territory – near Bydgoszcz. According to the Finnish president, such individual incidents can lead to the spread of the conflict to other countries.

According to the President of Finland, the outbreak of war on a global scale increases the risk of using nuclear weapons. It is worth noting that Russia can threaten not only NATO countries. At the beginning of the year, the media wrote about a planned coup in Moldova that was going to happen according to a script written in the Kremlin. Putin is even more dependent and may want to annex Belarus.

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