Intel Stock Up as $11 Billion Apollo Deal Closes to Completion: Wall Street Journal

Intel (INTC) shares are moving higher The Wall Street Journal Reports indicate that the deal between Intel and Apollo Global Management (APO) is nearing completion. The deal relates to an $11 billion investment to build a chip factory in Ireland for the chip giant.

Yahoo Finance Anchors Sina Smith And Jared Bleecker Detail the latest developments for these companies and how the deal is likely to be completed.

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Note: Apollo Global Management is the majority owner of Yahoo, the parent company of Yahoo Finance.

This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino

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Another driver is here, this time in technology.

And this is Intel, this stock is moving on the heels of a report we’re coming out of the Wall Street Journal.

Now, within this report, the company is close to an $11 billion deal to establish a chip factory in Ireland with Apollo.

Now, of course, we want to know that Apollo is the parent company of Yahoo Finance.

When you look at Intel shares that were up 3.5% and Jared, that would be a move here, at least as far as Intel is concerned, Intel was obviously looking to expand their product line.

So this would ultimately help them compete better with some of their larger competitors.

We also take a look at Taiwan’s semi-finals Samsung Electronics.

But I think the timeline for this is what is in question here and then the price peg as well.

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Clearly, funding from Apollo would be welcome news here from investors.

These are just some staggering numbers and this is not, and this is not in isolation.

A lot of these deals are happening fast, fast history here because the race is on for foundries, building four chips, and building the chips locally here in the US in Europe rather than in China.

Therefore, Intel announced last December that it would invest $25 billion in Israel.

This is after receiving incentives worth 3.2 billion from the Israeli government last June, and Germany investing about 30 billion.

That means $32 billion in semiconductor operations.

And then, this Apollo deal now tracks previous transactions with Brookfield’s infrastructure partners.

That was a $15 billion deal.

So, adding it all up, we’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars.

Oh, not just for Intel, but for other foundries around the world.

This is because a lot of these chip companies don’t make their own chips.

NVIDIA doesn’t make its chips itself.

This is about who will manufacture those semiconductors.

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