Car ownership tax. A great struggle of drivers

An online petition against the introduction of a nationwide car tax in Estonia has raised more than 65,000. Signatures – ERR TV report. The petition was prepared by the Car Owners Association and the collection of signatures began in mid-July. The list will now be submitted to the Estonian Parliament.

The final form of the tax is expected to be submitted by the government in September. Its introduction was announced in the coalition agreement concluded in April by the parties forming the current government.

Cars, delivery vans etc. which are not in use will be taxed. It will be applicable across the country and will be charged based on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

This raises concerns that the new tax will particularly affect poorer citizens living outside urban centres. For them, a car is often not a way to travel comfortably, but the only means of transportation. In their case, such an “incentive” to give up a private car can only mean complete exclusion from transport.


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