What’s new in Maps in iOS 17

With iOS 17, Apple is introducing new features to the Maps app. The changes to the Maps app aren’t as noticeable as some of the additions we’ve seen with previous software updates, but at least one feature is long overdue.

This guide brings together everything that has been changed or added in the ‌iOS 17‌ Maps app.

Offline maps

Maps can be downloaded so you can use them offline on ‌iOS 17‌, which is useful when there’s no cellular or WiFi connection. You can save a specific area of ​​the map to your device, allowing access to it while offline.

Apple Maps Offline
The save keeps all information like opening hours and ratings, plus it allows for turn-by-turn directions, so the Maps app basically works as it does when it has a connection, except for real-time traffic information.

You can search for any location in the Maps app or set a pin and then choose the Download option to get an offline map. Clicking the download button brings up a drag and drop interface where you can select the amount of map you want to download.

offline maps ios 17
Apple allows downloads of complete cities and their surrounding areas, so you could, for example, download a map of Los Angeles that includes the area all the way to Bakersfield and all the way to San Diego. Apple lists the size of each downloaded map, and the size depends on the area you selected and what’s in that area. A small selection might only be 200MB, but a larger one that contains lots of roads and companies can be 3GB or more.

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Electric vehicle charging stations

Apple Maps now displays real-time charging station availability along map routes for electric vehicle owners. Users can select a preferred charging station to see only those compatible with their vehicle.

Interface update

When you get turn-by-turn directions, Maps displays clickable icons for driving, walking, transit, and other options instead of a drop-down menu. The access time and avoidance preference options are still in the same drop-down menu as they were in iOS 16.

Maps interface for iOS 17


In the turn-by-turn directions interface, you can tap the ^ button to see a new volume option that allows you to adjust the volume of spoken directions. Options include soft, normal, and louder.

iOS 17 Maps app to adjust audio
The new volume option joins in adding stops, sharing ETA, and reporting an accident.

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