The famous Call of Duty 4 map was left in the game by accident

2007 Call of duty part 4 modern warfare It was a smash hit, and many of its beloved maps continued to appear later cod Entries over the past 15 years. Classics, I’m sure you’ll agree. But it turns out that one of the most popular (and smallest) maps in modern warfare It was only accidentally included after a developer forgot it was still in the game. Excuse me!

Released in 2007, Infinity Wars CoD4: Modern Warfare It was a massive hit and supercharged with classic maps like Strike, Crash and Crossfire. However, while these maps were intentionally included in the highly successful online multiplayer mode, it turned out to be another game modern warfarefamous maps –shipment– included as a happy little accident.

The map was made up of shipping containers arranged in a narrow, maze-like plaza within a walled landscape. It was easily the smallest and simplest map in the game, and yet people stuck with it because of the chaos that would ensue when a group of players rampaged through its narrow shortcuts and corridors. But if someone at Infinity Ward had double-checked the game’s code before launch, we might never have seen Shipment become so popular.

How popular Call of duty part 4 modern warfare The ‘Shipping’ map has been left in the game

On May 14th dexerto Share the interesting story behind Shipment Straight from Infinity Ward Multiplayer Design Director Jeff Smith. He described the map as the bane of his existence, explaining that it was originally only intended as a “split-screen map, when that was a thing”.

However, during development modern warfareThe small but condensed map built entirely out of shipping containers became an internal test map and eventually found its way into other parts of the game, including the main playlist scripts. Then someone forgot it was there.

“We had multiplayer back then, when we were [shipped Modern Warfare]I forgot to [pull] There was no turning back. Smith admitted: It was really an accident.

Since it was accidentally included in modern warfare In 2007, shipment popped up in other countries Call of duty games included forefrontthe modern warfare RebootsAnd Call of Duty Mobile. It’s funny to think of such a popular map that it kept being remade and inserted into another Call of duty The entries (which have been recreated by fans in other games as well) just became a popular map thanks to a bug.

I think Bob Ross was right. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.


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