America: Has broken the underwater record. His goal is more ambitious

The previous record was 73 days underwater at ambient pressure by two professors at Jules Undersea Lodge in 2014. It’s a nine-square-foot room under a pool in Key Largo, Florida.

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This underwater hotel is named after Jules Verne, the author of the science fiction novel.

An unusual experiment. He lives nine meters below the water table

Seven years later, on March 1, 2023, at the same place, Prof. Joseph Tituri, Dr. He uses the nickname Deep Sea. Scientist from the University of South Florida as part of the Project Neptune 100 mission It studies how the human body responds to chronic exposure to extreme stress.

Unlike a submarine, the researcher’s shelter does not use technology to accommodate increased pressure underwater.

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Before starting the experiment, the scientist was examined by doctors, and his health is constantly monitored. After the end of the challenge, Daredevil will undergo psychological tests to check the effects of prolonged isolation.

100 days underwater. “My intention was to inspire”

The 55-year-old has broken a world record, but the challenge isn’t over yet.

“I am proud that curiosity led me here. My goal from day one was to inspire – Not only future generations, but also scientists around the world study life under water and the functioning of the human body in extreme conditions. Although breaking the world record was an amazing milestone, my quest didn’t stop there“, Dr. Deep Sea wrote on Instagram.

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“I have 23 more days to conduct underwater research, engage with students of all ages and continue my journey of discovery.”

Life under the sea. What does a scientist’s schedule look like?

The underwater adventure did not distract the lecturer from his professorial duties. From the bottom of the ocean, he teaches online biomedical engineering classes. He can also communicate with family and friends through the Internet.

The professor wakes up at five every morning to practice. He eats protein-rich foods like microwaveable eggs and salmon. There is also a coffee machine.

While life in the deep sea is undeniably fascinating, scientists are already beginning to miss it on the surface. – I miss the sun a lot He admitted in an interview with The Associated Press.


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